Preschool Fine Motor Starter Kit

Welcome to Ready Hands for Kindergarten! You are in the right place for all things fine motor.

So many parents don’t even realize that their child is struggling with fine motor skills until those skills are challenged with greater demands (like those required for kindergarten). But it’s been my experience that most preschoolers could benefit from some extra practice to boost their fine motor skills.

And with improved fine motor skills comes greater independence and confidence to tackle new tasks. It’s a beautiful thing to see children growing and flourishing. You just need the right resources to help them along the path.

This introductory guide is meant to start you on that journey, with…

  • some tips for how preschoolers learn
  • fine motor developmental milestones
  • scheduling tools
  • kindergarten checklist
  • ABC coloring pages
  • lots of tips for turning basic coloring pages into developmental tools
  • number play dough mats.
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